Friday, June 19, 2009

Top 5 Board Books

Anyone with a child under the age of 2 has a stash of indestructible board books within arms reach of a comfy chair.

Here are our top 5 board books:
  1. 10 Button Book
  2. And, 10 Color Book by William Accorsi. The buttons are safely attached to ribbons, and encourage little ones to count, sort, and look at colors.

  3. Using Scanimation, Rufus Butler Seder has created the illusion of movement when the pages of Gallop! & Swing! are turned.

  4. Pop Warhol’s Top and others by Appel Guglielmo are a great way to introduce famous art. Children can touch tactile additions to the artwork.

  5. Die-cut pages and vibrant collages about Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market are sure to please in A Day at the Market by Sara Anderson

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