Monday, August 3, 2009

Just in: Eight3One

We are always happy to see local designers with fun items to sell in our store. The t-shirts from Eight3One are just that!

Their Urban Pop features the hip side of the street. The idea of combining old school ideas with contemporary fabrics promises to raise your infant's cool factor.
And, Tot Couture, is organic and fresh. Elegant clean lines decorated with whimsical designs and colors. It's as if the creatures your baby might be daydreaming about appear right on their outfit!

Sven & Aimee proudly design and produce all of their baby/toddler apparel creations locally in Seattle, Washington. Come on in and check out the collection!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Local Color: More Parks

Since we are tiring of our routine parks and parks that we love, I thought I'd share some additional parks that we've broken our routine to visit:

  • There are water fountains thatshoot up from the ground across the streetfrom the Ballard library on NW 20th Street, oneblock north of Market Street.
  • The squirting frogs in the main square of Uvillage, just across from Trophy cupcakes.
  • Salmon Bay Park (Ballard, 19th and 68th) has shade and a great zip line!
  • Discovery playground, just past the visitor center has shade and a nice play structure.
  • Meridian park has a water/sand box along with a dry sand box and tons of flat, grassy ground to run around.

How about you? How are you breaking your summer routine?

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