Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ideas to Calm Your Crying Baby

We all know that tantrums represent real emotions and should be taken seriously. We previously posted some tips for car seat crying. Now, here are some ideas for those tantrums we all know and (try) to embrace:
  • Identify the trigger and keep a diary. What set your child off? Was she hungry, tired, over-stimulated, sick, bored?
  • Stay cool. It’s hard not to panic, especially when in public. So when your child is out of control it’s very important that you stay in control. Carry them away and let them blow off some steam in the car or a private area.
  • Plan ahead. Well-rested and well-fed children make activities and errands easier to accomplish. The morning is the best time for outings, during the afternoon one can become tired and cranky.
  • Create a list within your diary. “my child behaves best when…” “my child behaves worst when…”

Anything we've missed? We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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