Saturday, August 1, 2009

Local Color: More Parks

Since we are tiring of our routine parks and parks that we love, I thought I'd share some additional parks that we've broken our routine to visit:

  • There are water fountains thatshoot up from the ground across the streetfrom the Ballard library on NW 20th Street, oneblock north of Market Street.
  • The squirting frogs in the main square of Uvillage, just across from Trophy cupcakes.
  • Salmon Bay Park (Ballard, 19th and 68th) has shade and a great zip line!
  • Discovery playground, just past the visitor center has shade and a nice play structure.
  • Meridian park has a water/sand box along with a dry sand box and tons of flat, grassy ground to run around.

How about you? How are you breaking your summer routine?

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